What’s this about? In short:

  • For ten weeks in 3-months window you have to develop your own open source project and write posts on your blog.
  • There have to be two posts per week to count: one specifically about the project you’re making; the other can be anything tech-related.
  • Competition is directed to Polish community only (it’s not a strong restriction, but understanding of Polish language seem to be necessary), although you can write in English too.
  • This is the third edition. I tried to take part in previous one, but I failed.
  • I starts in March 2017.

Read more in the introduction post.

My project

Project is called Bletchley and is about allowing everyone to send files securely over insecure channels (such as emails or Facebook). Its repository is here and you can find introductory post about it here.

All posts

This is a list of all posts I wrote that should count in the contest. The ones strictly about the project are tagged with [DSP] in the title.

  1. [23 Feb 2017] [DSP] Get noticed! 2017
  2. [04 Mar 2017] [DSP] What and why?
  3. [06 Mar 2017] [DSP] Site survey: Simple encryption case
  4. [10 Mar 2017] Getting started with RocksDB in Ruby
  5. [15 Mar 2017] [DSP] Progress Report #1
  6. [21 Mar 2017] [DSP] Rust macros love
  7. [28 Mar 2017] Ruby vs. Elixir (post-wroc_love.rb 2017)
  8. [31 Mar 2017] [DSP] File formats are hard
  9. [04 Apr 2017] Sins of Webdev #1: Authentication
  10. [06 Apr 2017] [DSP] Getting started with Rust and QML
  11. [13 Apr 2017] Emacs vs. Vim: the choice is obvious
  12. [14 Apr 2017] [DSP] Rust + QML + macOS
  13. [24 Apr 2017] Witch-hunt code review (and other bad CR habits)
  14. [29 Apr 2017] ❄️ Snowflake method for software projects
  15. [29 Apr 2017] ❄️ [DSP] Modeling Bletchley with Snowflake
  16. [02 May 2017] Neat authentication for Hanami
  17. [22 May 2017] [DSP] Moving away from Rust
  18. [25 May 2017] Getting started with Github GraphQL API