I think that participating in open source community is (or should be) a vital part of every programmer’s activities. It’s not easy, though, by no means. I try to do it too and this is a non-exhausive list of things I accomplished in this area.

My gems


This is my first gem – it adds NoBrainer support (an awesome ActiveRecord-like mapper for RethinkDB) to popular image upload and manipulation gem, CarrierWave. Here’s the source.


Noaidi is an effors to bring some functional concepts (pattern-matching, small modules) to Ruby.

My contributions


My first accepted pull request ever was to resque (version 1.X) and was about encoding issues with date on Windows. This was a very specific and not important to most of peaple (you had to run on Windows with Polish language) but still - it’s the first so it makes the list ;)


When we moved from SVN to Git in PuzzleFlow, we decided to go with Gitlab too and I was one of people responsible for that. We were going to use Redmine as OAuth provider and I soon found out a bug in Gitlab when external_uid was a number (like Redmine ID) instead of srting (standard uid). So I fixed it.


Wikicloth is a MediaWiki markup parser which I needed with one of my side-projects. It had an annoying bug though, where it overwrote I18n locale in whole application. A few people noticed if before, so I fixed it.

delayed_paperclip + ActiveJob

Delayed Paperclip is used to defer image processing to background jobs. Just around the time I started to need it, Rails 4.2 beta came out with its awesome ActiveJob. As an exercise (which proved useful as we used it in one of projects at work) I added support for that in Delayed Paperclip.